More Special Editions now available

Dear supporter,

Thank you for backing Fred Troller Design and for being a vital part of our campaign to publish this long overdue book. Your support is hugely appreciated and we're delighted that we are well on the way to honouring the work of a true graphic design legend in this unique publication.

We are also happy to announce that, due to demand, we are making more copies of the Special Edition of the book available, increasing the print run from 100 to 250. These are now live on the campaign page – if you would like to upgrade your pledge, just let us know at

We're looking forward to sharing more of the book with you as the campaign progresses. Please do spread the word about this wonderful monograph via your own networks – we're keen to ensure we reach our funding goal and make this project a reality.

The Unit Editions team


On Darren Wall commented:

Bjorn, hurst365, thanks so much for your comments. I can confirm we will not be extending the edition again. My apologies that you feel this devalues the edition – we received a lot of messages from people who had just discovered this project and wanted to pledge for a Special Edition – after thinking about the matter carefully, we concluded we had misjudged the edition number and opted to extend it. We will give careful thought to edition numbers in the future and aim to avoid a repeat of the situation – I sincerely hope this doesn’t affect your enjoyment of the book or the campaign.

On hurst365 commented:

Increasing the initial run from 100 to 250 devalues the investment amd changes the agreement.
Are you likely to increase the print run again, and was a possible change like this included in the small print?

On Bjorn commented:

Now the special edition is less special :(

On Neil Carter commented:

Can I change my order to a special edition?

On Alan Hughes commented:

I wish to upgrade my pledge to the Special Edition, please.

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