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HUXLEY: Special Edition

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Chased out of a luxury yacht club after rebranding Baroness Michelle Mone’s sailing boat, turning the road outside the Russian embassy into the world’s biggest Ukrainian flag, breaking the law to create a people-led memorial to those lost to Covid – these are just three acts of guerrilla political-accountability collective Led By Donkeys, whose unorthodox activism has shaken and stirred UK politics since 2019. In over 200 stunning images, punchy, behind-the-scenes texts and expositions of the Led By Donkeys’ adventures in installation, the group’s first publication reveals the true stories behind these newsworthy public acts.

At the book’s heart are photographs captured from helicopters and drones, from iPhones and hidden cameras, from footage seized then returned by the police, and from the work of some of Britain’s finest photographers. Added to this incendiary imagery are contextual documents – the maps, plans and sketches that form the planning backdrop to the events, as well as the outcomes – newspaper front-pages, media responses and public reaction. Taken all together they tell the story of an extraordinary time and the tactics that hold the powerful to account.

All proceeds from the book will go to the Led By Donkeys project.


242 × 192 mm
224 pages
Printed slipcase
Limited edition

Book bound in Wibalin Natural Graphite + screenprinted blue text front and spine
Slipcase covered in Wibalin Buckram Kingfisher + blind debossing, lined with white paper

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Estimated delivery
Autumn 2024

Last date to check addresses: 31 August 2024

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This book will be on general release in Autumn 2024. This limited edition is available only from Volume and will ship alongside the publication of the general release version.

Estimated delivery

Autumn 2024


Tracked worldwide

This bold slipcased edition includes a hardcover, specially bound in cloth and stamped with Led by Donkeys’ inimitable word-mark, and an envelope containing an exclusive print stamped with the Donkey’s ‘crest’. It is only available in a limited quantity of 1000 copies as a preorder from Volume.

Through more than 50 poster designs, photographs of which have had more than 200m views on social media, Led By Donkeys has taken the fight to the flip-flopping Brexiters.

Tim Lewis, The Guardian

In addition to the exclusive print of the ‘Liar’ projection, each reader will receive a unique fragment of the printed billboard from the ‘Tories are Lying to You’ campaign signed by Led By Donkeys themselves, a genuine opportunity to own a little piece of political history. Both artworks come housed in envelopes constructed from Wibalin Natural Graphite interleaved with a protective sheet of paper.

Led by Donkeys are diametrically opposed to our client’s aims.

Lawyers for Nigel Farage

There to embarrass us.

Former Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng
Meet the author

Ben Mauro is a world renowned Art Director, concept designer and author known for his work in the entertainment industry. He has contributed to major film and video game projects like ELYSIUM, Chappie, The Hobbit, Call of Duty and Halo among many others. Mauro specializes in creating intricate and imaginative concept art, bringing to life detailed characters, environments, and futuristic designs for the past +15 years. He is the writer, illustrator and creator of HUXLEY a post apocalyptic sci-fi IP, most of his time these days is spent creating future books, stories and experiences in the HUXLEY universe.

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