Storytelling Architecture

Tales of inhabitation and existence, architectural visions – and warnings – imagined for the future of our built world.

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  • 121 backers
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Funded 42%
  • Funding ended
  • 121 backers
  • £4,245.00 of £10,000.00 pledged
Funded 42%


Over the past five years, the Fairy Tales architecture competition has captured the imagination of thousands of participants from around the world – from students and aspiring architects to multinational firms and Pritzker prize-winning architects. The competition has become a repository for the social and environmental issues that are at the forefront of architects’ minds and captures the zeitgeist in highly imaginative and sometimes ironic ways. For the first time ever, the winning stories and favorite projects from all five years – thousands of entries – have been compiled into a high-quality publication.

Explore the imaginations of fifty architects, artists, designers, and creators, from around the world, who dare to take a deeper look at architecture. Go beyond columns, beams, and trusses, and be enlightened by the stories that architecture has to tell. With chapters covering today’s most pressing themes – urbanization, globalization, equality, sustainability and technology – and a dizzying spectrum of illuminating buildings and visions, no one will ever look at architecture the same way again.



Matthew Hoffman and Francesca Giuliani


Rachel Dalton





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From thousands of visions, one book

The breathtakingly diverse stories and visions collected in this volume are organized into the most pressing themes of our times and planet.

Urbanization: City life, skyscrapers, crowds, mass transit, hyper-density. Architecture comprises not just the buildings we inhabit but the urban fabric they create. Tales of towers, transit and tumult within complex and fast-paced metropolitan environments.

Globalization: Culture shock, culture blending, appropriation, international trade. The world is shrinking, and our architecture reflects this. Building styles that once represented national and cultural identity are now spread wide and thin. Here are visions of humanity and habitation, exclusion and connection.

Equality: Refugees, immigration, sexism, inequality. Fictional narratives can address the politics and social issues that lie just beneath the surface of the built environment. The stories here place the issues of race, gender, and privilege at the core of architecture’s purpose.

Sustainability: Nature, resources, protecting wildlife, human impact, the environment is perhaps the most important challenge of our collective future. The narratives in this section interpret, explore and predict the not-so-distant future of an increasingly uncertain planet.

Technology: Artificial intelligence, smart cities, robot wars, sentient architecture. The projects in this chapter include surreal and sinister technological innovations, facing the future of science and computers, playing with the paranoia that always accompanies new inventions.

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The images and narratives are so wildly outlandish, and yet, so grounded that it seems like we could mistakenly stumble into any of them. They are personal and powerful – a testament to the power of architecture as a world-builder.

Chase Rynd, Director, National Building Museum

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For Storytelling Architecture, Volume is offering a very special opportunity to customize your edition of the book with an image of your choosing. This might include your favorite image from the Fairy Tales competition or your own project, or merely an image – or text – you believe encapsulates the spirit of an architecture that tells stories and will make our built future a better place.

If you wish to share your vision of the world with others, it is also possible to order multiple copies of the book, for giving away to colleagues, friends, family or potential clients.

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Writing sci-fi could make architects better at their jobs.


Meet the editors

Matthew Hoffman and Francesca Giuliani founded Blank Space in 2013. As Madeline Gins once defined him, Matthew is an architectural “coordinologist.” Trained in architecture at Penn State University, Matthew has collaborated with HWKN (Hollwich Kushner), C-LAB, Mas Context, Polar Inertia, Bruce Mau Design, and was a Visiting Professor at The University of Pennsylvania in 2012. Francesca is an Italian journalist. Born and raised in Rome among beautiful ruins and open piazzas, she moved to New York City in 2010 and embraced the grid and the skyscrapers. Francesca has an MA in Journalism from Columbia University, a BA in Communications, and was a Visiting Scholar at NYU and CUNY.