Stanley Donwood
There Will Be No Quiet

The definitive monograph and candid memoir of Radiohead’s multifaceted cover artist

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A restless and prolific figure, Stanley Donwood is widely regarded as one of the most important visual artists of his generation. His influential work for Radiohead spans many practices and an ever-evolving aesthetic over more than twenty years, from music packaging to installations to print-making. This exceptional publication is both Donwood’s first major monograph and a personal reflection on the creative process.

Arranged loosely chronologically, each chapter is dedicated to a major work – a personal project, an album cover, promotional piece – presented as a working case study, from speculative ideas to hands-on experiments, using off-beat techniques and celebrating happenstance. Donwood candidly and often self-critically narrates the inspirations and stories behind his antimethods, told with his own razor-sharp humour. For the very first time, he reveals the personal notebooks, photographs, sketches – and the abandoned routes – that have led to his arresting images

This is the collector’s edition of a book scheduled for general release in autumn 2019, and is limited to 500 copies. It features a larger format, two sizes of paper, silkscreened cloth-covered slipcase, an additional text section and comes with a print conceived specially for this edition.

Collector’s edition
Limited to 500 copies, each numbered
260 x 200 mm, 384 pages
Hardcover contained in cloth-covered slipcase
Two papers, interleaving memoir with art works
Exclusive signed print

Meet the artist

Stanley Donwood is an artist and writer who has collaborated with Radiohead since the release of their single ‘My Iron Lung’ in 1994. After meeting frontman Thom Yorke at the University of Exeter, where they were both students, he went on to create all the band’s artwork. In addition to his image creation for Radiohead, Donwood maintains a website, ‘Slowly Downward’, featuring his stories and other writings, and has exhibited his screen- and linoprints and pen-and-ink drawings in London and elsewhere.