Hyperborea: Stories from the Arctic
Collector’s Edition

A glorious retrospective photobook by Evgenia Arbugaeva, a uniquely creative photographer, conceived for collectors in an exquisitely designed package with a signed print.

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This item is in production and will ship in September 2023.

Hyperborea: Stories from the Arctic Collector’s Edition $395.00


Hyperborea presents unforgettable visual tales of life in the Siberian Arctic that Evgenia Arbugaeva knew when she was growing up in Tiksi, a town on the shore of the Laptev Sea in the Republic of Yakutia. Her work discloses both the fragility and wondrous desolation of the land and those who inhabit it. Her meticulously composed photographs glow with otherworldly colour, bristle with the raw vibrancy of the elements and exhibit the quiet intensity of lives borne out in seclusion and extremity.

This beautifully produced photobook contains a decade of work, with photographs selected from across the full range of Arbugaeva‘s series and extensive travels across the Siberian Arctic coast. The photographs that she brings back from these remote and inhospitable places convey a world where everything seems connected: humans and nature, the sky and the land, a territory under existential threat from a multitude of environmental changes.

In advance of the book’s general release in the autumn, this is a very limited collector‘s edition, with an exclusive signed print, available only on Volume. With an introduction by Piers Vitebsky, four texts by Arbugaeva and a specially commissioned map to provide a sense of where Arbugaeva’s work is located, Hyperborea is for the more discerning photobook fans and a global introduction of a very special talent in the world of photography.


Evgenia Arbugaeva




215 x 286 mm
112 pages
157gsm Caixuan Light paper
Casebound and covered in Stria ‘wave textured’ Wibalin Paris Blue
Frontboard blocked in metallic foil
Edition limited to 150

The Print

Each 260x350mm limited-edition archival pigment print is individually numbered and signed by Evgenia Arbugaeva. This mesmerising print captures a moment frozen in time, allowing you to bask in Evgenia’s vision and immerse yourself in the Arctic’s untamed beauty. The print itself is secured in a pearlescent portfolio, foil-blocked with an extract from the renowned poem Arctic Blues by Robert Rozhdestvensky, perfectly complementing the visual artistry to create a harmonious fusion of words and images.

Actual print will be individually signed and numbered on the back.



I want people to see what I saw: a hidden world that existed before and that still exists in memories. Somebody’s still dreaming about it. I want to bring people there.

Evgenia Arbugaeva

This limited-edition package, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and offered exclusively on Volume, is a work of art in itself. The wave-textured lid opens to reveal the pearlescent portfolio containing the signed and numbered archival pigment print. Underneath, the book itself lifts out with a ribbon and features the constellation of Orion foil-blocked on the wave-textured cover. These elements combine to make the Hyperborea Collector’s Edition more than just a book – it is a gateway to the ethereal realm of the Arctic, and an essential addition to any collector’s library.

Evgenia has managed to intimately introduce a way of life that most could never imagine unless depicted within the pages of a storybook.

Gabrielle Kynoch, Hundred Heroines

Solitude in the city – like the one many of us experienced during lockdown for instance – is a different sort of solitude to what you have in the Arctic…in the Arctic landscape you don’t feel alone. You just feel part of something bigger.

Evgenia Arbugaeva

Evgenia Arbugaeva’s pictures of isolated figures in harsh terrain look recovered from the deep past or icebound legend.

Brian Dillon, The New Yorker

Praise for Evgenia’s award-winning documentary film, Haulout:



Best Documentary Short Film, Academy Awards


Grand Prix Documentary Short, Cork International Film Festival


Best Short Documentary, IDA Documentary Awards

Grand Jury Prize

AFI Fest

Special Mention

Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films


Best Documentary Film, Curtas Vila do Conde – International Film Festival

Meet the author

Evgenia Arbugaeva was born in the town of Tiksi, located on the shore of the Laptev Sea in the Republic of Yakutia in Siberia. In her personal work she often looks into her homeland – the Arctic, discovering and documenting the remote worlds and people who inhabit them. 

Evgenia is a National Geographic Society Storytelling Fellow, and a recipient of the ICP Infinity Award, Leica Oskar Barnack Award. Her work has been exhibited internationally and appeared in publications such as National Geographic, Time and The New Yorker magazines among others. She lives in London, UK.