Autonomic Tarot
Complete Edition

A limited-edition set of 78 large-format tarot cards, produced by writer David Keenan and artist Sophy Hollington, presented with a hardback guide book, Autonoma, in a specially designed clamshell case.

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Autonomic Tarot Complete Edition from $85.00

Autonomic Tarot

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Autonomic Tarot

Autonomic Tarot + Divination Mat

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Autonomic Tarot + Divination Mat


Autonomic Tarot was originally produced by Rough Trade Books from the pen of writer David Keenan and the linocut blade of artist Sophy Hollington. The first edition contained a 30-card deck and instruction booklet accompanying Keenan’s novella To Run Wild In It. The pair combined imaginative forces to create a linocut tarot deck, which retains a vital link to the cards’ archaic roots, yet future-visions it as a glam-punk portal deep into the now.

This first collaboration between Volume and Rough Trade Books takes the original concept to a new level of covetability: the deck is now a larger size, comprises a complete 78-card deck and comes with a specially produced and fully updated hardcover of Keenan‘s instruction guide – all beautifully contained within a presentation box that will take pride of place amid your most prized spiritual possessions.

This super special edition is limited to only 777 copies, of which 222 come with a specially produced divination mat for those seeking a higher plane of enlightenment.


David Keenan


Sophy Hollington


78-piece oversize tarot set, measuring 140 x 80mm, with booklet
48-page hardback book, 195 x 145mm
Housed in magnetic-seal presentation box
Divination mat, 500 x 500mm

A Collectible Presentation Box

The unique visual language of the tarot cards, extended and artfully conceived to contain the deck and hardback instruction book, was created by Sophy Hollington, whose main body of work is made using the lengthy printmaking process of linocutting.

She weaves arcane and folkloric forms into symbolically rich compositions that hover between archaic objects and futuristic visions. “As an artist I like to exist in a place where our humanity’s shared artistic past is as tangible as a weed, where all of its mysterious, surprising, and often missed moments form a direct root and stem to where we exist in the present moment,” she says.

The presentation box is an artwork in its own right, and only available in this edition on Volume.


The challenge for me was to vision a tarot deck that was all about the possibilities of NOW, because if what happens in this moment has the character of this moment, then it is possible to divine that character via a set of archetypal symbols and glyphs. The power of tarot needs no more supernatural explanation than that.

David Keenan

Lino corners me into making bold choices, representing things in unusual ways and feeling my way around the limitation of only being able to express myself in black and white, positive or negative.

Sophy Hollington

The Complete Tarot

This new, exclusive set of cards sees the Autonomic Tarot expanded to a full 78-card deck, beautifully designed and lino cut by Sophy Hollington, and including a newly updated hardback edition of award-winning author David Keenan’s dazzling interaction book. This set of cards has been printed in a larger format and includes a full set of the minor arcana, adding visionary updates of the court cards in all of their suits as well as the full pip cards for each, thus extending to its full potential the electric material this collaboration has produced.

I sometimes think David Keenan dreams aloud. His prose has the effortless, enigmatic, unsettling quality of dream.

Edna O’Brien

Divination Mat

Also included for the first time, here is a beautiful high-quality fabric divination mat, measuring 500 x 500mm, which can be rolled for ease of storage or transportation and will lend the cards and instructions a deeper quality when used for readings, establishing a suitably charged ritual atmosphere as the deck is ‘spoken’ while the creative elements stand sentinel.

Each card has been hand-carved using lino by artist Sophy Hollington.

Meet the authors

Sophy Hollington is a British artist and illustrator whose main body of work is made using the lengthy printmaking process of linocutting. She has worked with clients such as A24, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Light In The Attic Records, Celine and Mc Sweeney’s Quarterly Concern.

Born in Glasgow, David Keenan is the author of six novels: the cult classic This Is Memorial Device (Faber & Faber), which won the London Magazine Prize for Debut Fiction 2018, For The Good Times (Faber & Faber), which won the Gordon Burn Prize, Xstabeth / The Towers The Fields The Transmitters, Monument Maker and Industry of Magic & Light (White Rabbit). He is also the author of England’s Hidden Reverse (Strange Attractor Press), a history of the UK’s post-punk / Industrial underground, as well as To Run Wild In It and Empty Aphrodite (Rough Trade Books).