Videogame Atlas
Mapping Interactive Worlds

A beautiful and information-rich graphical journey through twelve modern videogame environments, offering new insights into the art of virtual world-building

Launched as an edition of 1000 in June 2022

Design: Julia and Darren Wall
Publication: November 2022
Format: 340 × 240 mm
Pages: 288
Specials: Holofoil stamped slipcase
Meet the author

Luke Caspar Pearson and Sandra Youkhana are architectural designers who run their own studio, You+Pea. Their work explores the integration of videogame technologies into architectural design, leading conversations on how games can engage new participants in the design of cities.

Videogame Atlas is a culmination of Pearson and Youkhana’s work, which includes founding the Videogame Urbanism studio at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, which promotes the use of game technologies in architectural education.

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