New £45/$60 reward available

Dear supporter,

Our campaign to publish Blake Hesters epic history of Guitar Hero and Rock Band is already a third of the way to reaching our funding goal thanks to your kind support.

Since unveiling the crowdfunder weve received several requests to offer a lower price version of the book, so weve been working with the books designer Rejane Dal Bello to develop a new £45/$60 version, minus the slipcase but still retaining our distinctive die-cut page edges. This new edition – featuring a graphic cover echoing the note patterns from the game – is now live on the campaign page.

As you have already pledged for what weve now dubbed the Deluxe Edition, we’re pleased to announce that author Blake Hester will be signing each copy of this reward as a special thank you for your support out of the gate. All of us at Read-Only Memory would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us inch closer to making this tremendous work of videogame history a reality. 

Please do help us spread the word about this new £45/$60 edition of The Oral History of Guitar Hero, Rock Band and the Music Game Boom to any friends you feel might be teetering on ‘The Edge of Pledge’ – of course if you have any questions or queries about your existing pledge don’t hesitate to contact us at

Darren Wall
Read-Only Memory 


On metsallica commented:

Any chance of a digital version? Several potential backers expressed they’d jump in for a digital copy.

On Santiago commented:

How is nobody from the guitar hero / rock band communities talking about this? This should be front-page news for all rhythm game reddits, discords, twitchies and YTers channels. I hope this reaches it’s goal because I would very much like to read this!

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