Funding unsuccessful

Dear backer,

Thank you for your support of Seeking Beauty.

As you may have already seen, unfortunately our book on the work of Anita Klinz did not reach its funding target during our extended campaign, despite your support for the project and the backing of many others along the way.

As the campaign has been unsuccessful, we will begin issuing refunds to customers today. These should reach your method of payment in 3-5 business days.

From all of us at Unit Editions and Volume, we sincerely thank you for your pledge, and apologise for any disappointment caused.

The Unit Editions team


On John Raimo commented:

Very sorry to hear this. The Italian edition is a work of art and Klinz was a genius. I hope more people learn of her work outside of Italy. I’m already writing on her for a dissertation, too, so I’ll do my part to get her name out there in the US.

On Ben Weeks commented:

That’s too bad. Was looking forward to seeing more of her work. It looked great. And she seemed an interesting person.

On Arturo Elenes commented:

Its a shame this is not being produced, yet… I don’t loose the optimism this may see the light in a not so distant future, keep the good work Luca!

On Alice Viggiani commented:

That’s a Bummer! Thank you for all your efforts and, for the records, a suggestion for considering more affordable book formats.

On Verónica Majluf commented:

Que pena … Tenía muchas ganas de tenerlo.

On martin - me studio commented:

what a shame, was looking forward to the book, i was unaware of her and her work until now, so I had a good reason to back it! keep up the good work, and

upwards and onwards (or something like that, right?)



On John Hubbard commented:

Unfortunate. Like the above comments, her work is most compelling and this book is a much needed addition to my library.

On Wayland Gill commented:

That’s unfortunate. I’ve been looking forward to this book.

On Bruno Sultan commented:

Thank you

On Nir Tober commented:

Oh no!

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