A message from Meret Troller Piderman

A huge heartfelt thanks to our friends and backers of the Fred Troller Design book, and also to the teams at Volume and Unit Editions.

Since my father’s passing in 2002 I’ve been contacted countless times by people requesting to publish Troller’s work in their own books. I was overjoyed by the recognition his work was receiving. It became clear that my dad’s work needed to be published in his own monograph. I sat on this thought for several years.

When the time and circumstances became right, Dani Piderman and I started our book project. From our home studio in the countryside of Sonoma County, California, we set out to gather and select work samples from various archives including our own. Then Covid arrived – and we had to wait it out some more. However, despite the hurdles, delays and false starts, we made it!

For the first time Troller’s most significant work can be found all in one book. The monograph also contains never before seen mock-ups and sketches, along with some glimpses into Troller’s personal life and home studio.

Our hopes are that Troller’s work – and the book – will continue to be shared at the major universities where he taught and by museums and archives. Updates and more will be posted on the Fred Troller instagram (@fredtrollerdesign) and Facebook pages.

Meret Troller Piderman


On Michelle Lockwood commented:

This is such wonderful news! I hear Fred’s voice in my head so often, as I navigate the challenges of my teaching and my creative life. Not only was he a fantastic designer and teacher, but he was an insightful artist, thinker, mentor, colleague, and friend. I’m very much looking forward to receiving this monograph! Thank you for your efforts and dedication in making this happen.

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