Disorder is taking shape

Hi backers,

As you can see from the image shown here, Disorder is taking shape! It left my desktop sometime ago now and is with the production supremos at Volume.

We’ve been knee deep in proofs – checking to make sure the colour balance is great, as well as getting a sense of how the colour will sit on the uncoated paper stock. I’m super happy with the tones and feel that we’re getting.

I’ve also been going through a full copy edit with Volume’s editorial team – adding page numbers and ironing out some of my ‘grammar issues’!

I stumbled across a couple of original artwork files from Ray Gun 58 on a SyQuest cartridge a month or so ago that I hadn’t seen in 26 years – and so those have snuck into the book while we’re at the proofing stage without causing any delays to the schedule.
We’re on track to hit the printers later this summer, before binding and shipping in late autumn 2024.

Thanks again for your wonderful support. More updates to come.


Swiss Grit Chris


On SteveC commented:

love these updates on the journey.

On Mark commented:

I discovered your work around the time I began designing, and it was quite influential. So I’m really excited to see progress on your book. I still have some books and magazines from back in the day. I’m sure your work is in there.

If you’re interested, U&lc magazine has been published to the Internet Archive. So many gems in there:

Thanks for the SyQuest nostalgia hit, as well. That brought back some memories.

On Matt commented:

“on a SyQuest cartridge” – Woah, that just gave me flashbacks to my final year at Uni! ;-)

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