A message from Chris Ashworth

Dear supporter,

Firstly, I’m totally overwhelmed by the response to Disorder. We hit the crowdfunding goal in 48 hours and the support just keeps on coming. Unbelievable. Bonkers! Thank you!

When I first started this book six years ago there wasn’t really a plan that it would actually become ‘a thing’. It was more about finding another creative outlet for me to tinker in the evenings and weekends; a new excuse to mess around and blow off steam; another platform for me to do what I love doing best. About a year into ‘the thing’ it was at 1,200 pages and I’m no Irma Boom. I wish.

I think that was the moment that changed things. I couldn’t just keep pouring more pages in. I had to start bringing some focus. It stopped being ‘a thing’ and started becoming a book with a purpose and a hook. That purpose is to shine a little light away from the desktop and onto the drawing board. To revel in what each of us can bring to the world of creativity. We each have that power. My version lies within these pages.

So what lies ahead is a phase that I love as much as doing the design – production. Mainly because I’m not doing any of it – heaven forbid the thing would be a disaster! It’s now in the skilled hands of the experts at Unit Editions with my oversight – editing now becomes file prep, which then rapidly becomes proofs which is where the buzz really comes.

As some of you know from my Instagram page, I won’t be holding back in any way shape or form from sharing what’s happening in the production phase.

And before that sharing starts we have something else in our back pocket. I’ve been down to the storage unit this week and blown the dust off a few things. Keep a look out for a second wave of artwork rewards…

Thanks again for such great support. And remember, paper doesn’t crash.

Chris A


On Matt Johnson commented:

An antidote.
“Paper doesn’t crash”, inspiring ideas and words, really can’t wait to see it for real.


On Matthew Simone commented:

WoWoWoW! Books lookin like it’ll be amazing! Can’t wait! Thanks for putting it all out there.

On Emma B commented:

I cannot wait for this to land – been a fan since my 90s student designer days – always an inspiration – still got my Blah Blah Blah copies!

On Andy Peters commented:

Great to see you’re getting the book out there, it looks really good. Loads of interaction and interest too 👍🏻 I hope you’re well.


On Mike Lackersteen commented:

Look! A book and a hook.
I’ve admired your work for some time. It’ll be a real pleasure to see the book.

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