A message from Waneella

Dear supporter,

Thank you! The Decade campaign is already 47% funded, and this is truly amazing and unbelievable. I’ve made two small art books in the past, but it was impossible to send them around the world, and it has always made me sad. This time I’m so happy that Decade will be available for anyone who wants to have it, and it also will be the most comprehensive collection of my illustrations during the past 10 years. Truth to be told, I really want to hold this book in my hands myself. There’s always something so magical in seeing the illustrations on paper, and for me it’s still hard to believe that there might be such a beautiful book with my artworks in it in the near future. Thank you so much for helping to make this dream come true! Words can’t describe how grateful I am.



On Mizan commented:

I already have couple of your limited edition prints. Cannot wait to get hold of this book!

On Jonathan Chapman commented:

I’m very excited. I love your art. I really hope this is fully funded.

On Cartridge 1987 commented:

Just thank you for your work, continue to make us dream

Cartridge 1987

On Mark P commented:

All the best for my favorite pixel artist <3

On Momo commented:

I’ve been following you for so long and you are my all time favorite pixel artist! This will be something to treasure!

On Vera T commented:

I’m so excited for this and I hope you get the chance to have it fully funded and make this a reality!

I have been a long-time fan of your work and it inspires me to get more into doing background environments and scenes.

All the best and I love all the stuff you’ve been pushing out on Patreon too!


On John Kean commented:

Wonderful support so far !
Can’t wait for your book to be a reality !
Great to hear that you’re just as excited !

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