Campaign unsuccessful

Dear backer,

Thank you for your support of Love Hultén’s book Apparatrum

It is with a heavy heart that we write to tell you that we have not been able to secure enough funding for this captivating book, despite your generous support and extending the campaign.

As the campaign has been unsuccessful, we will begin issuing refunds to customers immediately, which should reach your method of payment in 3-5 business days. Hultén wishes to express his gratitude in a message below:

Many warm thanks to all of you who supported with pledges, much appreciated! I might try this book in the future again, no doubt. Until then, I’ll keep my studio insights a secret…

From everyone here at Volume, and Love Hultén, we sincerely thank you for your support, and apologise for any disappointment caused.

The Volume team


On David commented:

Too few people are aware of these unique devices. Perhaps marketing it to audiophiles would help it gain traction. Please keep our email addresses and contact us if this book gets off the ground.

On Pille commented:

It is (as always) hard to accept that talented people with good projects are not getting the support they should. Instead projects in questions get money for nothing.

I feel very sorry for you guys! But I hope you will continue your great work.
FYI: Despite I am watching tons of YouTube videos in regards to synth DIY and refurbishment I was informed about your work at the very end of your campaign. That’s a pity.

All the best and please feel free to keep me informed about a new campaign via my email address. Thx.

On Tom commented:

Agree with Joe; I think there’s a high likelihood that people would have or will buy if it were on sale and likely weren’t aware of its potential to fall through the cracks without backers. I am still very much looking forward to this if/when it gets produced. Seems like it would be a fascinating and idea provoking read. Something to look forward to, hopefully.

On Joe commented:

This sucks to see as a backer. It seems the campaign had an awareness issue. A lot of people in Hulten’s IG comments are lamenting not knowing about this book before the campaign ended. It would be great if volume could float the different between the campaign and the goal because it seems there is an audience that wanted this book but did not know it was being crowdfunded.

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